my name is rachel and i like little mix & fifth harmony

AU meme: Nobody really understands Perrie’s job on tour with One Direction. Of course, there is no way that the girl is going anywhere when Louis Tomlinson has become more than attached to Perrie. Don’t get me wrong but, all of the other boys are close with the girl but, Louis is the one that needs her more than the others. Perrie is the one that reassures Louis that everything will be okay, how he shouldn’t be upset over silly rumours that were spread out on magazine covers. She’s the girl that is getting woken up at seven in the morning because, Louis is refusing to record his solo’s unless Perrie sings with him, getting the late night calls so, Louis can talk about what’s on his mind in the middle of the night. Everyone else notices the fond, and adoration that Louis has for Perrie. The only thing that they don’t know is how completely in love he is in. Perrie does her best not to notice that obvious fact. Of course, the feeling’s mutual. The only thing that Perrie doesn’t want to do is make their fans jealous which holds her back every-time, there’s a chance to act on the million’s of possibilities of their relationship. 

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