AU meme: Perrie and Niall have been the closest siblings in their whole family. They share the same interests, and they care more about each other than any other brother and sister. Once, Niall was departing on tour with the rest of his band, One Direction, there was no way that Niall was going to leave Perrie behind by herself. She’s been tagging along to every country, and getting along with the rest of the boys as well. Although, there’s Zayn who Perrie has been getting along with more than she should. There’s definitely something going on between the both of them but, keeping it a secret is something they mastered. Niall is starting to notice more and more, and there’s no way the boy can approve of their relationship but, it’s hard for Niall to question the trust that, he has in Perrie or Zayn for that matter.

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